“IDEAL” is a trust working for creating awareness amongst the youth about their minimum social responsibilities and how to make out themselves available for the society in one or the other way. We are determined to extend our help to every citizen in need to the much of our capability. We are concentrated on blood donation as that is the most expensive than any other life saving fluids and nothing can replace it.

Everyday some thousands of people are in need of blood to be donated in one or the other way round the globe. So we are trying our best as a small drop of our effort in a big ocean of ‘Blood need’. We are conducting awareness programs regarding blood donation in order to educate the people towards volunteer blood donation and to clarify all the general myths what usually people have about donating blood.

On the other hand now-a-days traffic has become a big problem as the people are in hurry about their own emergencies and needs but are least bothered about the Ambulance that are being stuck in traffic. We are working towards educating the people on roads to leave the way clear for the ambulance irrespective of their emergencies and regular traffic rules. We are also working for the orphan children and abandoned elderly people by providing them the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing as for now.


To inspire every individual should have their atleast responsibility towards the society. To fulfill the blood requirements in our known vicinity and to save the one of the precious thing in the world which is a beautiful and happy childhood as every child dreams and it’s their right to have it.


Our vision is to make this planet to be the most peaceful and fearless place to live for all the living beings.